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Towards a Microsociality of Austerity

On 14th April Gareth Williams, Eva Elliott and Ellie Byrne spoke at a conference held at Cardiff University. Hosted by Valerie Walkerdine and David Studdert, Towards a Microsociality of Austerity explored ways of thinking about and using micro-social approaches to community-based studies.

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Cardiff Institute of Society, Health and Wellbeing (CISHeW) is a new research institute within Cardiff School of Social Sciences at Cardiff University.

Building upon a legacy of methodologically innovative multi-disciplinary research, we are developing adventurous methods for engagement and partnership in the social sciences, arts, humanities and community development.

Our projects focus on social action, policy dialogue, the dynamic nature of health and wellbeing, and social justice. We often take a collaborative approach to our research, working alongside civil society groups and community members, service providers, artists and policy makers.