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Representing North Merthyr

As Representing Communities enters its final year, Representing North Merthyr have established a collaboration with National Theatre Wales and POSSIB, an arts and health project in Merthyr. We will be working with participants and community members to co-produce a theatrical event taking place in June 2016 which will be based on the data collected as part of the research since it began in 2013. The data includes interviews, focus groups, digital stories, film footage, poetry, drawings, photographs and songs, all exploring community life, health and wellbeing in North Merthyr. We are working with Rhiannon White, co-director of Common Wealth Theatre, and Kelly Jones, a script writer, through National Theatre Wales. These two artists will be looking at the data with us and shaping it into an evening of drama and knowledge exchange, performed by professional actors and community members. The ‘Assembly’ will be held in Merthyr and attended by local residents, policy makers, Assembly Members and other decision makers in the area. This type of public engagement and knowledge exchange is highly experimental and innovative and we will be documenting how it unfolds and the impact it has on audience members. For more information please contact Ellie Byrne at byrnee@cardiff.ac.uk

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